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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  February 25, 2015 1:07am-1:43am PST

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stuck as more than a hundred southwest planes are are grounded over safety concerns. >> and here at home more than a dozen flights in and out of the bay area have been canceled. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama dates. abc -- i'm ama daetz. lilian kim has the latest. >> ama three southwest flights have been canceled at sfo. at oakland there were five cancellations. southwest grounded 128 of its boeing 737 aircraft after realizing it failed to do a required maintenance check on the stand by hydrolic system. the back up is used to control the rudder if the main system fails. because of this discovery they canceled 90 flights so far. it covers a fifth of the fleet and southwest has roughly 700 planes. the f.a.a. has been notified and the agency says it is working with southwest and boeing to come up with a plan that would allow the planes to operate until the inspections are completed the next few days.
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until then if you have a southwest flight coming up soon, best to check to make sure it is still a go. oakland international estimates a handful of southwest flights will be canceled tomorrow. we tried to get numbers from mineta san jose but they referred us to southwest corporate headquarters. that's the latest from sfo, lilian kim abc7 news. >> thank you of so. you probably heard of emojis. the emotional icons when typing or textinging. apple is facing harsh criticism as it gets ready to roll out a new emoji update. it is meant to add diversity but not everyone sees it that way. lisa amin gulezian joins us near apple's headquarters with more. lisa? >> ama, most emojis involve round yellow faces that are smiling, laughing, crying. you know what i mean. apple will soon come out with a new diverse skin color pallet, but it is this yellow character right here that is drawing some negative attention.
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these are some of the newest emojis coming to an apple product near you this year. issues are popping up with the racially diverse eye cons especially the yellow one. it appears apple thinks asian yellow people have jaundice and many people think the same thing. >> white the latino and the black. >> they insist there is no mall intent and that emojis are originally yellow. >> they are misunderstanding what it is. it is a default neutral color and it always has been. >> sierra tweeted the yellly emojis -- the yellow is supposed to represent default. yeah okay, keep telling yourself that. several emoji users don't see anything wrong with the new icons. >> i don't think it really matters. when i click on an emoji it is just an emoji.
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>> i really don't see that as being like oh that is an asian person. >> right now the emojis are in a beta developer stage. in the south bay lisa amin gulezian, abc7 fuse. tonight a jury reached a verdict in the trial of a former marine charged with the death of "american sniper" chris kyle and a friend at a shooting range. >> we the jury find the defendant eddie ray routh guilty. >> eddie ray routh had post traumatic stress disorder, but a jury rejected his claim he's was not sane. he gunned down the marksman who inspired the movie " american sniper" and chad little field. little field's mother expressed relief following the decision. >> we waited for two years for god to get justice for us on behalf of our son. as always god has proved to be faithful. >> a judge sentenced routh to life in prison without
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possibility of parole. >> a man left a single rose in tribute to a woman killed by a train in menlo park. the victim was identified is -- as jennifer jiyun was sitting in her car when the gates closed. she didn't move. the train slammed into her vehicle and the crash nearly destroyed the crossing gates. no traffic was allowed through until the gates were fixed earlier this evening. >> and tonight a crew is working to clean up after a fiery c commuter train crash sent 30 people to the hospital and lead to a driver's arrest. it happened in oxnard and ventura county this morning. it appears the driver was driving on the tracks for some reason. the train could not stop in time and slammed into it. three train cars derailed. police say the driver, jose ramirez ran off but police found him 45 minutes later more than a mile away. he will face a felony hit-and-run charge. child molestation charges
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in a case police say spans seven years. michael maldanado is being held on five counts including molestation of a child under five years old. he was molesting her since july of 2007. they want you to see this peck tour of a passenger attacking a taxi driver. it happened on february 15th. the man haled the cab. he got out in daly city and refused to pay. when the 60-year-old driver con fronted him he began beating the driver. police say other people witnessed the attack and did nothing to help. hillary clinton pushed for more women in the tech industry during a speech and interview in sill silicon valley. abc7 news was there as the former secretary of state gave the keynote speech at the silicon valley conference for women. they called out work leaders for not including more leaders and focused on how hard it is
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to get into the industry. >> when it comes to technology, the data reveals a massive digital divide. and too many women who want to work more and earn more and are held back by outdated policies pressures. >> we are going backward in a field that is supposed to be all about moving forward. >> and the question of course on everyone's mind, will she run for president? she is talking like a candidate today. well when asked clinton said she will make a decision in good time. the statewide ban on plastic bags in california was put on hold today. it would have been phased in starting in july. a trade group has turned in more than half a million valid signatures to put the ban to a vote. more than 100 communities in california already have individual bag bans. those will remain in effect. the statewide ban won't come up until november of next year. a local zoo is losing three beloved chimpanzees. they entertained visitors for
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45 years. why are they being shipped away? >> dan noyes has an investigation you will only see on abc news. >> this is tough. zoo staff and fans are heart broken, but can anything be done? i'll tell you why these animals are being forced to leave the only home they have ever known. >> plus destroyed in less than a second. the powerful home explosion that knocked firefighters off their feet and it was all caught on camera. >> i am abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. your morning will start off with a chill and fog. i'll let you know about changes coming later in the in a race, it's about getting to the finish line. in life, it's how you get there that matters most. like when i found out i had a blood clot in my leg. my doctor said that it could travel to my lungs and become an even bigger problem. so he talked to me about xarelto®.
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xarelto® is proven to reduce the risk of dvt and pe, with no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto® was the right move for me. ask your doctor about xarelto® today. this is abc7 news. the san francisco zoo may
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be losing its three chimpanzees that have entertained visitors for more than four decades. >> it is a blow to staff who cared for the chimps for so long and for fans of the zoo. >> dan noyes is here with an investigation you will see only on abc7 news. >> dan and ama, in public zoo officials say sending the chimps away i is one of the options being considered. in private police tell me it is a done deal. the chimps are moving because the zoo hasn't made them a priority. the san francisco zoo has three elderly chimpanzees. mini and maggie arrived 45 years ago after being caught in the wild. the only male spent 10 years in entertainment, a circus television and film before he came to the zoo. he is the oldest male chimp in any american zoo believed to be in his late 50s and well past a chimp's normal life span. >> our male has arthritis and so he is on glue co saw mean pills. >> he has a direct
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connection. he was their keeper for 16 years from the time he arrived at the zoo. >> this is mini and maggie. >> he still has their art work. >> they may now be forced from the only home they have known for decades. >> changes are hard on humans. it is extremely hard on chimps, especially males. >> the san francisco zoo doesn't have fennel say what -- final say what happens to the chimps. they are part of the chimpanzee speos see -- species survival plan. >> we make decisions about which chimpanzees should breed and have babies as well as moving chimpanzees from one accredited zoo to another. >> it is important for zoos to create chimpanzee groups as they exist in the wild with three adult males and three mature females and thpped off spring. >> in a case of a zoo like san francisco it is a small group. what we are looking for is to give them options.
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>> san francisco has a choice. upgrade its aging exhibit to accommodate more animals or send the chimps away to another zoo. the san francisco zoo's marketing director and spokesman. >> are you considering spraps -- perhaps expanding so you can take more chimps? >> i don't know. that could be an option or it could not. i haven't heard that. >> you heard the one about moving to florida you? >> i have. >> they connish ifed an amusement park knees west palm beach is one contender for the home. >> it was in the best interest of the chimps we would be happy to help. >> they have a water park mini golf ferris wheel and campground and a drive -- drive-thru zoo. >> there is extra space and we have a lot of experience with mixing chimps. >> to try and introduce him to that situation i think is criminal. >> he says he has been the
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only male at the zoo for so long that he foresees problems for the chimp in florida. >> he just didn't get along. he fights too much. he bothers the trains or cars going through. they will put him to sleep. >> oh that's your concern? >> yes. they'll get rid of him. >> lion country's wildlife director told me he would make sure kabi and the girls have enough time to adjust before introducing them to the other chimps, but that's not enough for san francisco zoo super fan and blogger. >> i have great anxiety over it and moved to tears over the whole situation. i think it is really wrong. >> she has launched this petition drive. don't kick chimps out. tonya peterson spent three million on this new playground. the chimps have always lived in the same exhibit without major renovation. >> there is so much that can
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be done. they don't need to move. they need the zoo to put them as a priority. >> the zoo is taking steps to move the chimps out. borrowing these shipping crates from the oakland zoo. >> we are looking at moving our chimps. what do you have? we need more than what we have or wondering what we have that may be available to help with that. >> after seeing the condition of the oakland zoo's crates san francisco zoo employees decided to build their own. construction is now underway. the chimp keepers are beginning 20 crate train them. >> we want them to voluntarily go into the crate so they are comfortable in there. it would be a journey. >> the chair of the species survival plan says their age makes it more important to make a decision soon. they will hold an important meeting this thursday at 5:00. i am posting a link to the chimp petition at
1:24 am as well as contact info for other officials if you would like to express your opinion. dan, ama? >> a lot more to come i'm sure. >> there is a new option for men who are losing their hair. check out this hair tattoo. it can simulate the look of a close coifed hair -- haircut. >> i cut my hair probably once a week. >> tomorrow on abc7 news at 11:00, we will take you to the bay area salon where men are getting a new hair line and how that procedure works. >> we are hoping for any chance of rain. we are desperate. >> sandhya patel is tracking what we do have on radar. >> and that is nothing in terms of drops dan and ama. live doppler 7hd that could show up later on this week. i will show you fog. it is down to eight miles in half moon bay and that fog is
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around sfo and already making its way across the bay toward the oakland alameda area. temperatures in the 40s and the 50s. believe it or not many of you are actually running ahead of where you were this time yesterday. that's because the dew points were up and a little more moisture. 45 santa rosa and 48 in san jose. patches of fog over san francisco and that's what you have to deal with. morning fog and chill. we are looking at a chance of showers on friday and saturday. not a very good chance, but it is a chance. high pressure here will keep us in the chilly nights. mild afternoons. then things will change. thursday night we will asp this area of low pressure near vancouver island bring wet weather to the pacific northwest. it comes down and that's where they will be seeing some snow in the sierra with lows 3500 feet.
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if you have travel plans, gusty winds with low snow levels could mean potential problems. for us a better chance of seeing showers on saturday and really about 5:00 6:00 in the evening and continuing late saturday night and then it all winds down. tomorrow morning it will be chilly. but it is not as cold as it was this morning. oakland airport tied the previous record set in 1960. it was 36 this morning. 45 in downtown oakland and 34 in napa and 36 livermore. you know the drill here. you will need to bundle up. 39 in san jose and 49 in san francisco. as we head toward the afternoon you can shed a few layers. south bay gilroy 70 degrees. 67 in santa clara. 66 in sunnyvale on the peninsula. half moon bay 63. the sun will be shining. it won't feel like winter. mid60s for your answer afternoon. downtown san francisco, south
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san francisco, north bay communities, will even see some 70s around ukiah cloverdale. 68 napa. vallejo 67. sout toward the east bay midto upper 60s. oakland, fremont 67. inland spots, warmer than average. 68 in livermore and concord. the accu-weather seven-day forecast. we'll keep it dry and mild. slight chance on saturday. it will get breezy and cooler. the second half of the weekend is dry. >> all right, thank you sandhya. up next, 16 hours in the water and a former nfl player's swim for survival. >> the
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take a look at that. oh dash cam captured a shocking sight in new jersey. in an instant during a natural gas explosion 15 people were hurt and two critically. seven of the injured are gas company workers. they were trying to locate the source of the leak. eight emergency responders suffered concussion-like symptoms. news release show pro football players moments after he was forced to swim nine miles to save his life. he was in a fishing boat when he fell out. video of tmz shows him in the back of a patrol car keeping warm and drinking water. he was stunning by a jellyfish and followed by sharks but he was not hurt swimming for 16 hours. no wonder he was a -- miami
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dolphin. >> a lot of people questioned his stories. >> it is hard to imagine. >> it sounded preposterous. that sounds like a longtime to be in the water. >> steph curry making the most of his time in dc. tomorrow he is going to the white house. to fight he left the wizards in tears.
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[female narrator] foods rich in folic acid like white bread and leafy greens can help prevent some birth defects before you even know you're pregnant. good evening. steph curry will meet president obama at the white house. they will undoubtedly talk hoops, but steph is going as part of the nothing but nets campaign to stop the spread of malaria worldwide. steph and the warriors dropped in on the wizards.
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steph said he still has some pain but he was good enough to go. the wizards were ready to go. 9-0 wiz in a flash. he goes up for the rare two handed -- rare two handed slam. how is this behind the back? big off the bench at 16 points. the dribbling exhibition and drills the three. the wizards out shot the warriors. they out rebounded them by 16. the warriors were up three at the half. look at steph. that is so sweet. it made the wizards cry one more time. curry for 32 and the warriors win it 114-107. off to the white house and cleveland on thursday. the bulls' star derrick rose is hurt again. torn cartilage in his right knee. he has been plagued by knee and hamstring injuries.
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no timetable on his return. how dowry place sandoval and more advice? that's what the giants hope to figure out. here is mike shumann at spring training in scottsdale. >> the giants added mcgee and moriogi. he says he is up for the challenge. >> he is a huge part of three world series championships. i am capable of helping this team win a lot of games. >> do you have an animal nickname that we can create a hat out of? >> they came up with one last year, but it wasn't an animal. do you remember anchorman? they called him hits mcgee. >> he was dearly missed at center field and a leadoff hitter according to his teammates.
1:36 am
>> my mom raised me to help this team to win as many championships as possible. but this year it will be a fun year with the new guys. >> he will play left field and angel who speaks spanish says he has the language barrier resolved. >> i am working on my japanese. i am trying to work it out. >> shu's report continues tomorrow. >> thank you. abc7 news continues now on-line, on twitter facebook and on all of your mobile devices with our ab
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that is our report. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> thank you for joining us. right now on jimmy kimmle. will forte.
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